January 27, 2017



Within the Cardiff Oratory in Formation and across the country, all members of the Oratorian community and all parishioners acting on behalf of the Newman Hall community and who have significant contact with “children, young people and/or adults in vulnerable situations” are required to undergo a check. This includes an identity check and verification of their suitability to undertake the stated role.

All adults responsible for the training and supervision of Altar Servers are required to undergo the full DBS check, other altar services who are not involved in the training of altar servers have to be trained in the safeguarding procedures. The required checks are determined by Diocesan Safeguarding Policy. All members of the clergy undergo the same checks via the appropriate diocesan office.

The processes described above are for the protection of all concerned and are the policy of the Roman Catholic Church. Anyone who does not feel able to submit themselves to these processes will not be able to work with children or groups in vulnerable situations.

If you have any concerns with regard to safeguarding please do not hesitate to contact a member of the community via email or personally after Mass.